whitesLinda and Eric White are relatively new residents of Ingleside Rock Creek, moving in August of 2020. They had lived nearby and were seeking a community with an active independent lifestyle and less home maintenance.

Shortly after moving in the Whites decided to create a Charitable Life Income Agreement with the Westminster Ingleside Foundation. “Using our deposit to fund this agreement was very convenient,” Linda said. “It provided us with a timely and useful tax deduction and goes to support worthy aspects of the Foundation’s mission. I’ll probably now take the time  to learn even more about how the Foundation distributes its funds and about all of the good things the Foundation accomplishes,” she noted. 

The Whites have many long-term charitable and philanthropic interests, some that are even higher personal priorities than the Foundation. “While we will continue to support those other causes that are important to us, we hope that our gift to Ingleside is helpful,” Linda said.