cunninghamWoody Cunningham is a scientist who approaches his charitable decisions in much the same way he solves his scientific problems. “I give to causes where I understand the issues, where I know and trust the leaders, and where I have long-term experience and interest,” he explained. For example, Woody has been aware of Ingleside Rock Creek since his days as a member of the National Presbyterian Church.'

“I had friends who needed help from the Resident Supporting Fund long ago, so contributing to that fund has always been important to me,” he said. “But since Doug Myers’ arrival, new funds have been created to enhance the well being of all of our residents, and I am encouraged by these efforts.”

Specifically, Woody noted the importance of the landscaping effort funded through the Foundation, as well as music therapy and the Employee Scholarship Fund. “The Employee Scholarship Fund not only helps the employee but also helps the employer,” he explained. 

“It creates better and more prepared employees who tend to stay longer and to enhance the quality of life in the community.”

Woody tends to make his charitable decisions based on three primary categories: causes that help people in need with basic essentials; causes that have a positive impact on the environment and climate; and causes like Ingleside where he has a long personal history and personal experience. “The pandemic has made us look carefully at the basic needs of people in poverty,” he said. “But we have to evaluate the outcomes and have confidence in the leadership.”

As Chair of the Ingleside Rock Creek Development Committee, Woody keeps well informed regarding the needs of the community and he strives to keep his friends and neighbors well informed also. “The Employee Scholarship Fund is just getting off the ground here, “ he added, “but it is clear through casual conversation with my neighbors that there is keen interest in this fund.”